Tips for Selecting an SEO Company

There are many affordable SEO providers out there, but how do you pick one? The amount of contenders is truly amazing, and they can all seem to offer the same service at first. However, a little digging will help you differentiate one kansas city seo company from the next.

One tipoff that a company might not be quite on the up-and-up is if it insists that it is "white hat." This term indicates that there is another possibility, and that possibility is "black hat." What's the difference? Google doesn't like black hat. Pages could be written to detail just what that is, but the only important part is that Google has decided that it doesn't like certain techniques and is likely to penalize a site that uses them or gets an SEO firm to use them. Why, then, should a company advertising "white hat" SEO be avoided? The answer lies in how SEO professionals use the terms of their trade. In a nutshell, the people most likely to go around talking about hats wear the black ones. While black hat SEO is entirely legal - Google is big, but it is not yet a lawmaking organization - it's also highly risky, and that's not usually what someone who wants to hire an SEO firm is looking for.


The next important answer to the question of How to select the right SEO services for your small business is to ignore the local rankings of the SEO companies you're looking at. This shocker, from an article in Forbes by SEO Joshua Steimle, has a good reason behind it. It turns out that the top local listing will often go to the oldest site in the area, and it has nothing to do with whether that particular company is good.

It's also important not to be swayed by an SEO firm's size. The best one for your company may be one or two people in a basement! SEO is an industry where skill, not size, is important. A 500-person firm that doesn't know how to do anything but parrot the current "conventional wisdom" is mediocre at best - and your rankings will be mediocre as well.

Once you've narrowed down your selection, it's time to get free consultations from the contenders. It's recommended to keep your other consultations secret so that you get a fresh, untainted pitch from each one. To get started, try getting a consultation from a provider like this company.

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